Aug 03 2017 Post-hoc Proactive Planning Proposal

Aidan has been swallowed by the time-space continuum — AND HIS OWN HUBRIS! Fortunately, Shawna Oochoo of White Pony Lodge takes his seat in the sub-basement for an interview with Hanna Hudson-Plante and Melanie Metcalf of the Regina Folk Festival about their 2017 event. Plus, taxi drivers declare a partial victory while a Sanctuary City motion fails at city council.* Music by Guidewire (aka Ryan Hill). Originally broadcast on 91.3 CJTR, Regina community radio.

* We ran out of time while talking about Stevens' Sanctuary City motion (technically titled the "Access Without Fear City motion") and had to skip the interviews we recorded after the council meeting. You can listen to those interviews on the Memos Page.