What is the Queen City Improvement Bureau?

The QCIB is a dedicated department of the city of Regina with a strategic focus on vibrancy, attractiveness, sustainability and community. The QCIB's departmental target is a municipality in which citizens maximize harmony and thrive optimally in opportunity.

In other words, it's time to Feel the Improvement.

Why do you broadcast your meetings?

The QCIB is proud to say that it is the only municipal entity so far to implement Memo EX10-63, which defines outreach targets for each department. We expect more departments to follow suit in the coming months. Apparently HR has to put on an annual parade.

Why haven't I heard of the QCIB before?

Before? Before what? This is a really confusing question. It's also the one we get most frequently.

Where are you located?

We broadcast our meetings from a sub-basement of City Hall. Light from the outside rarely reaches us here, but condensation from the boiler pipes keeps us hydrated, and our food appears regularly through a slot in the door. Once we saw a set of fingers waving at us from the slot, but the owner didn't respond to our calls for help.

You claim to be a department of the city of Regina, but I don't see you listed in any directory.

Thank you for pointing this out! Rest assured we have a request into the people on the sixth floor.

What is an Improvement Vector?

The QCIB strives to achieve its target goals by identifying Improvement Vectors, ie. persons and organizations actively working toward the improvement of the city's quality of life. As a wise sailor once said: "As sure as the Kraken waits to drag our ships down and devour our men in his briny lair, improvement vectors keep the ship sailing ever onward to the horizon."

That sailor went on to found the QCIB in a bout of alcohol-induced delirium.

How do I know if I qualify as an Improvement Vector?

Do you like to improve or ameliorate? Does a messy room or situation prompt you to tidy up or make helpful suggestions? Chances are you have what it takes to be a serious Improvement Vector candidate. All candidates must appear at a weekly meeting and submit to a rigorous on-air interview. Your interview will be graded and scored by experts. Or road workers.

If you feel that you qualify, apply directly to the QCIB at their Twitter account or use the form below. Response time is usually within the hour, but please allow for up to a six-month wait time. If you do not hear back from us within one year, we have probably died, in which case we ask that you contact the front desk at City Hall and let them know about the corpses in their basement.

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