After The Sanctuary City Motion Died

At their July 31 meeting, council debated a motion from Councillor Stevens called the "Access Without Fear City" motion. It would have declared Regina a place where people with insecure immigration status can be sure that they won't be deported if they access city services. Basically, a Sanctuary City motion only with a harder-to-say name.

But because municipal councils are terrified by change and reject anything that costs money that doesn't rhyme with "palladium", Regina's council referred Stevens' motion into oblivion (where oblivion = the federal & provincial governments).

For details about council's debate, check out our Aug 03 meeting, "Post-hoc Proactive Planning Proposal". Unfortunately, we had too much content to fit into that meeting and had to skip playing all the interviews we collected after the council meeting. So we're posting those here.

First up, here's Mayor Michael Fougere explaining why he felt the motion was unnecessary, what he will be communicating to those upper levels of government about the Access Without Fear motion and what he hopes to hear back on that.

Next, reactions from Deborah Simpson and Emily Eaton, two people who worked with Councillor Stevens on drafting the motion.

Finally, reaction from Mirtha Rivera, an immigrant to Canada and spokesperson with the Access Without Fear movement.