Premier V Mayor On City Reserves

Our lawn bowling discussion went a touch long during our April 13 meeting and we had to bump an item from the agenda. We were going to juxtapose comments made by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall during question period on April 10 with Regina Mayor Michael Fougere's comments from later the same day, recorded after a special meeting of council to consider how to cope with the city's recently revealed revenue shortfall — a revenue shortfall created by the Wall government's decision to end the Grants-In-Lieu program.

As the spin and counter spin on Wall's provincial budget is changing nearly daily, there will doubtless be meaty nuggets to digest at our April 20 meeting and we won't need these audio clips any more. So I thought I'd post the audio we didn't use here, for posterity.

For background on the Grants-In-Lieu program and why its conclusion is such a disaster for Saskatchewan cities and towns, check out our discussion with the Saskatchewan Urban Municipality Association's Sean McEachern in our March 30 meeting. And for more talk about the impact of provincial budget cuts on cities, schools, libraries and parks, you can check out our discussion with Regina Councillor Joel Murray and NDP MLA Nicole Sarauer in our April 6 meeting.