City Hall Fanfic: Cast of Characters

You're all very excited about the QCIB First Invitational City Hall Fanfiction Challenge! But how do you recast the council and project them into fantasy universes of your own design? We've provided suggested character names and sketches for your imaginative exploration.

Ward 1 - Sara Juventes, a councilor with a metal leg and a dark secret.

Ward 2 - John Osprey, a man who once mounted a constitutional challenge against a package of razor blades - and won.

Ward 3 - Sam Foster, a progressive councilor who may actually be the anti-Christ (for all you Left Behind fans out there).

Ward 4 - Byron Floret, a wild romantic with a penchant for writing his opinions in epic verse and engaging in romantic dalliances with other councillors.

Ward 5 - Tom Fedora, a former Private Investigator who gave up that life to become a city councilor - or did he?

Ward 6 - Dave Bluray, a cyborg.

Ward 7 - Shannon Vice, a tough-as-nails cop who’s seen it all. They say the only mystery she hasn’t cracked is her own heart.

Ward 8 - Terrence FitzMonaghan, a reincarnation of the Irish folk hero Cu Chulainn.

Ward 9 - Perry Jinx, a ten-year-old who gets up to all kinds of mischief and keeps trying to close down the schools in order to get out of going to class.

Ward 10 - Harry Bagel, a man who decided to embrace his name and open up a labelling business called Bagel’s Labels. He gets very angry when people ask him why he doesn’t go into the bagel business.

Mayor Pickerel Mujher, a fish from Lake Diefenbaker who got a wig caught around his head and was mistaken for a person. It’s an inspiring story of perseverance and courage. To this day, he is terrified of hooks.

Rules and Regulations

1. Write some fanfiction using members of the Regina City Hall Council. Please do not use their real names.

2. Submit your story! Contact us on Twitter or email us, you know. Submissions should be shortish. If you can write city hall fanfic longer than 750 words, you're meant for greater things than this challenge.

3. The winner, or winners, will have the opportunity to read their story live during an episode of Queen City Improvement Bureau.

4. The fourth rule is not worth discussing.

5. The author will retain all rights over their creation, but the hosts of QCIB may turn the story into a one-act play.