Quizzing The Candidates At The Cathedral Mayoral Forum

On October 6, residents of the Queen City had a chance to put questions to four of the candidates running for mayor: Incumbent Michael Fougere, Jim Elliott, Tony Fiacco and Evangeline Godron. (The fifth candidate, Wayne Ast, was a no-show.)

The Queen City Improvement Bureau was there, dutifully tape-recording the proceedings. Below are both the audience questions and the candidates' answers. Because the QCIB is thorough.

Question 1: Considering the council's decision to facilitate an office development in Wascana Park, what are the candidates' positions on selling off our parks to fund projects, no matter how worthy?

Question 2: What are you going to do differently to help those who are barely surviving over the poverty line to find housing?

Question 3: We have so many cultures in Regina and their numbers are growing. What do you think we should be doing to promote our cultural diversity and improve our programs?

Question 4: What will the candidates do to make it a fair and equal process for Aboriginal and Métis people to get work and bid on contracts with the city?

Question 5: What will this new council do about parking around the General Hospital?

Question 6: Yes or no, are the candidates willing to publish their campaign contributions before October 14?

Question 7: When will we have a new zoning bylaw to go with our new Official Community Plan? Will there be an open process and public engagement?

Question 8: What is a mayor’s job, anyway? Why did we have to come to this?

Question 9: What is the plan to address the city's deteriorating infrastructure?