Ward 3 Candidate Forum Q&A

The candidates for city council in Ward 3 faced voters in the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre on October 17. All five candidates attended: Amanda Baker, Jeanne Clive, Tamara Knight, Brian Rieder and Andrew Stevens. The Queen City Improvement Bureau escaped their subbasement office once again, tape recorder in hand, to capture this precious moment for the citizens of that most fairest of wards.

What follows are recordings of the Qs and As from the audience participation portion of the evening. However, the questions, as written below, bear almost no resemblance to the actual questions asked. They probably say more about the caustic mental state of the writer.

Question 1: I have trouble finding parking downtown for my SUV. My wife also has trouble finding a free spot for her truck. My friends say they've also had difficulty finding parking for each of their vehicles. What're you going to do about that?

Question 2: I'm concerned that city hall isn't going to have a public consultation for neighbourhood level plans. I have thought about my neighbourhood a lot and about how I don't want it to change so you can see how it's very important that I be invited to consult on this. What will you do to make sure that members of the public, like me, will be invited to consult on neighbourhood plans? 

Question 3: I was shocked to learn that a three-storey office tower will be built in Wascana Park, a park I greatly value because I drive past it almost every day. What will you do to scuttle the University of Regina's College Avenue Campus restoration project so that this office building won't go ahead?

Question 4: My group brought a toothless environmental motion to city hall and council completely freaked out. Council is now pretending it didn't happen. What will you do to remind them about the Blue Dot motion?

Question 5: Could you please tell me exactly which meaningless platitudes you're going to throw at the city's affordable housing problem? If any?

Question 6: I'm still pissed off about something council did three years ago over the Wastewater Treatment Plant P3 and really need to bitch about it. Can you tell me how you voted in the WWTP P3 Referendum so that if I don't like your answer I can bitch directly at you?

Question 7: One candidate hasn't had an opportunity to talk about a point in her platform — Community Care Programs — so I'm going to ask her about that.

Question 8: What are you going to do to make the city's shitty paratransit system less shitty?

Question 9: I'm going to pretend the candidates weren't already invited to discuss infill developments and densification an hour ago and ask a question on basically the same subject.

Question 10: What will you do about the Heritage Holding Bylaw and would you ever vote to give a building heritage designation without the owner's approval? I'm so bored now I can't even work up snotty paraphrases for these questions anymore. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Question 11: Living wage policy? What about that? Then there was a second half to the question but it's so late I can't pay attention any more. There really needs to be a rule passed against multi-part questions once a candidate forum passes the 90 minute mark.

Question 12: Oh great. Another question about heritage bylaws. Like they didn't get through answering a question about heritage bylaws just 12 minutes ago.